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Music A Tribute

When we hear to the word Music, our mind and soul get relaxed automatically without any disturbances, that’s the power of music we had music is a world and word which smoothens our emotions …whether we are happy or sad we prefer music to work upon us, we feel relived after hearing good music but had we ever thought about its origin from where we got this music to work upon us…here are few interesting facts about music

With rich heritage of Indian Culture we have perfect proofs for the origin of music during the age of VEDAS…That is around from 5th century AD, when speak about music we just can’t forget or move just like that without mentioning the Saranga DEvas, Sangitha Rathnakara around 13th century AD those were the earliest recorded document on music and we can’t skip to the next point without enclosing these names, who gave real life to Music Sri Thayagarajar , and Sri Shayama Sastri…

Generally music is composed of 22 scale sawaras, but on practise we use 16 scale notes or sawaras, which on these combination give a large scale Ragas and evolution of new music on it…people use to say in earlier days buy singing certain ragas they could even make rain come, are they true??? Of course they are true because those certain combos of sawaras got the power form an Raga, which blends in to give more powerful effect on nature, those vibrations are true even and that’s why it got such an geological impact on nature, Not only that when you go to temple, church , or  mosque even prayers are being conducted in a musical form ,that is all reading of slogas for Hindus, Reading of bible and praising lord in Church, and Doing 5 times Prayer at Mosque are done in a sort musical form , not the holy books are read with the words encrypted on it, this reason is because when these are blended with sort of music it renders more power to your prayer your inbuilt positive is triggered more and you start rendering more good things in your life, we could easily differentiate people  where things happen easily to them  ( ie who go for temple, church and mosque frequently not missing their prayers) simple fact behind it is they frequently trigger their positive energy, and that’s true only because of that its been followed in all holly places for decades to together

We simply say music is an emotions of body and soul but part from it we got few scientific reasons to think over it…Certain ISLAM Friends say Music is a HARAM….is that so???? ….

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