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Pan Card A Real Need Of It

Permanent account Number has become mandatory nowadays this is important in tracking all high value transactions mentioning of Pan Card has become mandatory in many fields

On all bank Transactions above 50,000 we must posses a Pan Card

Operating Demat Accounts

Investment of shares in mutual Funds, Shares and Post office saving 
Accounts above 50,000 requires a Pan Card

Sale or purchase of vehicles excluding two Wheeler require Pan Card

Sale or purchase of immovable properties require Pan Card

Paying hotel bill against 25000 requires Pan card

Pan card also helps you in many ways by showing identity proofs for it specially when you fill on-line air tickets

By using Pan Card you can check whether the tax paid by you is been updated in database or not

You can also check the payments detected from your account 

It is necessary to file income tax return if we posses a pan card

Taxes has to be filed only when you get an returnable income to you

Getting an Pan card is very simple fill an application form of 49A rule by clicking the URL

It generally takes 2 to 3 weeks to process your Pan Card

Details to be submitted for getting Pan Card is very simple 

Names and if other names if any

Fathers name has to be given in case of married women

Address of both official and residential

Main source of your Income

A proof of identity

A proof of Address

A recent color of Photograph(3.5cm * 2.5cm )

People who don't reside at India can also get Pan Card by applying through american embassy

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