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Sizzling Facts Behind Ginger

Generally people ignore ginger from their food, due its taste they don't like biting and eating eat Specially children avoid it

Origin of ginger is from china its botanical name is Zingber Officinale

Ginger is used as multi purpose medicinal plants 

Ginger can cure diabetes, cold, fever, nausea , fatigue and flu even

Ginger was cure to many health problems all over siddha medicine uses ginger as main ingredient

The are the properties of Ginger they are:
Anti nausea
Anti clotting agent
Increases blood flow in body
Promotes Sweating
Relaxes peripheral tissues

Ginger was first used in Ancient Romans then it traveled to Europe, it was very expensive spice used in cooking

Ginger root is not actually Roots they are from Rhizome

Major Ginger producing continents are Asia, Brazil, China

Ginger plant is 30-60 Cm tall and extremely tough to find in wild

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