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Unknown Facts Of Ramayana

Ramayana is the world known epic widely read by many people in and around the world it revels not only the character of Rama but also the character of sita, hanuman , kaikeyi and many others...we got many proofs to prove that those epics happened in our earth...enjoy the epical travel...

Author of Ramayana is valmiki and is known as valmiki Ramayana,other famous scripts are tulasidas by ramcharitmanas

The whole epic Ramayana has been segregated in seven chapters Bal kand, Ayodhiya Kand, kishkindha Kand, Sundra kand

Rama is the seventh Incarnation of Lord Vishnu

Sita is considered to be Incarnation of godess Lakshmi

And laxman is considered to be the incarnation of the snake Adikesava

Shiva dhanusu was easily moved by goddess sita so king Janak made an constraint that people who break this siva dhanusu only can marry Sita

Kumbhakarna has two sons named Kumbha and nikumbha who fought against Rama and was dead in the war feild

Then sita was saved by Rama with the help of hanuman who fought against Ravana and retunred to ayodhya back

Hanuman Killed Ahiravan and maharivan by taking his panchroopi form

Ma Sita took agni as her shelter when Ravana tried to abuct her, then ma Sita summoned to bhoomi devi to take her back

Then ayodhiya was govenered by Rama then Lava kush

The whole epic says about the single fact of following one on one policy that is totally prohibiting the multiple relationships which is offendable

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