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Few Tips To speed up Your Hair Growth

Some ways to speed up the growth of the hair

Long and silky hair is liked by each and every one and that is the reason that people wish for long and smooth hair. There are so many different types of styles that one could make with the longer hair. If you wish for a good growth of hair for yourself then we have come with several techniques that would definitely help you in making your hair grow faster and lengthier. But the first and most important technique is to start up with a good diet.

Eat the appropriate diet

Many of you might found this phrase as uncorrelated or irrelevant with the growth of your hair, but it is indeed very true. There is a major role that is played by a good diet in improving the quality of the hair. Since the hair is made from protein, one needs to assure that he gets plenty of protein from his regular diet. Foods like Beans, nuts, eggs, soy products, fish and many more would help in the promotion of the production of healthy keratin in the body which are the major building blocks of the hair.

Get proper amount of fat

 There are certain foods that are essential for building the fats in the body not just for a healthy lifestyle but for the growth of healthy hair too. With the help of fats not only the production of healthy growth of hair would be realised but fats would also help in processing the minerals as well as vitamins in the diet. However the fats like hydrogenated fats, fatty acids, saturated fats are some of the fats that one must avoid in his diet. Fats like Omega 3 that could be easily found in plant oils as well as marine are very good for long and healthy hair.

Intake of enough iron and zinc:

Iron is very crucial for the delivery of oxygen to the blood cells all over the body from the head to toe. Some of the foods that give enough iron are beans, soy products, lentils and many more. In addition to it, if you are a non- vegetarian then you could also go ahead with the meats of the lean animals. In addition to it, Zinc helps in the repair of the tissues and they would ensure that the oil glands that are around the follicles work in a proper manner. One can get the enough amount of zinc from the low fat beef, roasted pumpkin, squash seels, cocoa powder, dark chocolate and toasted wheat germ.

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