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How to Get your Hair Thicken- Few Natural Ways On It

Some natural ways to get great hair

Hair is one of the most attractive as well as eye catchy part of the body. There are different types of products that are available in the market these days, for improving the hair and its quality. But most of them are filled with harmful chemical that certainly affect the quality of the hair. Well, there is no need to take any kind of stress as, we have shares some natural hair treatments that one could go ahead with and improve the quality of the hair just by sitting at home.

Treating with eggs

One could apply the entire egg over the brittle as well as dry hair. White eggs are used for most of the times to moisturise the hair and they are to be applied for 15-20 minutes and then cleaned with cool water, this would serve the purpose of the conditioner.

Avoid taking head bath with the hot water

It is advised not to wash the hair with the hot water, as it would lead to protective oil coming out of the scalp and the hair. Thus one should prefer a temperature that is just a little above the temperature of the body.

Establish the habit of cleanliness

There is a very serious need for cleanliness in order to make the hair look healthy as well as beautiful. It is said that itchy scald and dandruff are of the main reasons for hair fall, that is the reason that cleanliness is extremely very important. Whenever you feel that your hair have gone dirty due to dirt or pollution, immediately wash them.

Don't take head bath regularly

It is advised to wash your hair after every 2-4 days. This time period is best for efficient regulation of the natural oil in the hair. If you feel that your hair are perfectly smooth and clean, then wait for at least 3 days after having shampoo to wash them again. However if you went outside and you gained a lot of dust in the hair, then there is no restriction on number of day

Do not comb your wet hair

It is believed that the wet hair are nearly three times as weak as the normal hair and that is the reason that they are more likely to break. So, it is advised t rinse the hair well with a dry towel and then later brush the hair with a wide comb.

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