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Making Home Decoratives From Old Stuffs At Your Home

There are different types of accessories that are available in the market these days, with the help of which one could make his home look more classy as well as stylish. But if we go with employing all such accessories then we would end up in burning our pockets. What about making some classy things from the materials that you no more use and are simply lying in the store room of your house?

The throw pillows not only make the sofas or the couch more comfortable but they enhance the grace of the sofas and also are very welcoming. One can put cushions of different sizes as well as shapes and this would make the couch look funky and stylish. If you will browse through the internet, or go to the stores near by you, you will find out that placing stylish pillows on your sofas as well as beds would cost you too much. So we will show you some exciting steps to make a cushion or a pillow from yourold sweaters as well as shirts:

Take your fabric: If you want comfortable pillows then go with the sweaters that you no more wear. The pillows that would be made from the old sweaters would also be made up of stylish prints as well as textures. But if you want to give the pillows a funky look then take a t- shirt of yours that you are no more interested in wearing an start tearing of it.

Cut the piece of the cloth in the way that you want your pillows to be in. It could be rectangular, square, circulars or oval too. This would depend upon the style or the shape that you want to give to your cushions. Cut the shirt into two equal pieces of cloth and then sew one of the sides together and after that do the same with the next two sides as well. Make sure that you sew the piece of cloth in the backwards direction.

Keep one side un sewed and then make the pillow in the forward side and start stuffing cotton, sponge or extra cloth material into it. Make sure that you stuff as much material as you have in the pillow as it will make the pillow more comfortable as well as soft and that is what we want from our cushions. Finally the fourth side that was open earlier, sew it too with the help of a fine sewing machine neatly.

Your pillow is ready and you could place it over your couch or bed. If you want to make pillows with some other shapes and sizes then you can make that too now, as you know the basic steps of turning your waste sweater into a comfortable cushion.

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  1. Such stylish pillows are an indispensable accessory for every sofa. They greatly adorn the interior, making it more cozy and unusual. It is only necessary to choose the right size and the texture.


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