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10 unique Dates for this Valentines Eve

So you guys have been dating each other for a while now and wish to celebrate love this Valentine's Day, but lack the ideas. Well, there is absolutely no need to worry as we have covered you with some fun and unconventional ways to celebrate Love this season.

1. Watch your favorite Rom-Com
Tune into your all time favorite romantic movie and watch it together. Grab a tub of popcorns and this could turn out to be a perfectly cute and cuddling Valentines Date for you guys.
 Watch your favorite Rom-Com

2. Cook heart shaped food together
Cooking food together is a great way to boost the bonding and when it’s the Valentine’s Day, why not experiment some heart shaped foods. Heart shaped chocolate cake, pies, cupcakes, sandwiches, pizzas and what not, use your creativity and bake some of the most delicious food items with your BAE.
Cook heart shaped food together

3. Break the silence over a Bottle of Wine
Add a flavor of Class to your Date with a Bottle of Wine. Well sure you guys must know each other quite well, as you have been dating for a while now. However there are always some thoughts that are engraved deep in one's heart that can- not be easily expressed in everyday's hustle and bustle. Though it is important to learn about your partner’s deep fears and help him unload the burden and strengthen your bond too and the best way to commence it is over a glass of Wine.
Break the silence over a Bottle of Wine
4. Exchange love letters
Old school? Yes a bit, but absolutely worth it. We are so obsessed with the internet connectivity and social media that we have lost the charm of exchanging Love letters. You can pamper your partner by writing about their strengths and qualities that you are crazy about and the ones that made you fall for him.
Exchange love letters
5. A rooftop Date
Further wish to heat things up in this cool weather? Make an arrangement for a candle light Dinner table at your terrace. Decorate it with a lovely table cloth and candle. Put on your favorite Evening Down and sizzle the evening.
A rooftop Date
6. Body Massage
Arrange nice scented body oil and give a massage to your partner for half an hour at least. Let them relieve their stress and rejuvenate their minds with a rub from your tender hands. Make them  thank you too by returning the favor ;)
Body Massage
7. A treasure hunt
Your lover is fond of receiving gifts and surprises? We have a perfect way to pamper him. Send your love on a scavenger hunt with the clues that are significant to your relationship.
treasure hunt
8. A Blanket Fort
This winter season, avoid the cold outside and create your own dreamy fort in the bedroom itself. All you would need a blanket, fairy lights, and your favorite DVDs or books and you will be all set for a perfect place for some snuggling.
Blanket Fort
8. Live Music
Find an economical pub nearby you playing live music. Dance to the tunes of their love anthems and you never know this would turn out to be your new favorite music band.
Live Music
9. Play bartender
It’s only you two in the house and thus no limits on getting high. Experiment with liquor and make as many crazy cocktail recipes you can to get each other as drunk as possible.
Play bartender
10. Star gazing

Take your soft mattresses and a bottle of wine along with you to your terrace or your garden. Cherish your sweetest memories together sitting with your love, amidst the twinkling stars and enjoy gazing them.Star gazing

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  1. The ideas for Valentine's Day amaze with their diversity. A pleasant and positive atmosphere can be achieved with simple details and elements. They can be the basis of a good evening.


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