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10 Unique ideas to propose to your love this Valentine’s Day

It is Valentine’s Eve and some of you love birds must be anxious and busy rehearsing your proposal lines in front of your mirror. Well, we are sure that you have scrolled though the most romantic blogs and picked up the best proposal lines from the movies, for your beloved. However, how cool it would be to add a little fun element to your proposal, still maintaining the zeal of love.  Check out the crazy proposal ideas that you can use this Valentine’s Day and we bet there is no way she would say NO.
1.       Dog Lover
Dog Lover Valentine’s Day Proposal Idea

If your BAE is a Dog lover, then this is perhaps the best idea to propose to her. You can also attach a ring with the message along the dog’s neck.
2.       Coffee lover:
 Coffee Lover Valentine’s Day Proposal Idea
Take her out to her favorite Coffee shop and get set to see that incredible expression on her face, once she finishes her coffee J
3.       Bookworm:
 Book Lover Valentine’s Day Proposal Idea
A book lover would go crazy seeing this arrangement. Make a pathway from her most desired books and lead that to yourself or a proposal ring.
4.       Mountain Climber
 Mountain Climb Lover Valentine’s Day Proposal Idea
Your girlfriend is an adventure freak and does she loves hiking trips? Well, the best way to propose her is to take her to an unexplored trek in the mountains and handover the ring to her as you guys reach the top. Lost in the euphoria of the mesmerizing mountain views, she is ought to say a YES.

5.       The photo shoot proposal
      The Photo shoot Valentine’s Day Proposal Idea
The best way to pamper a girl is to decorate her room with different sized pictures of her. Give her a surprise in her room itself by giving it a makeover of her best pictures clubbed into frames.
6.       Skywriting:
 Skywriting Valentine’s Day Proposal Idea
Though a little expensive but completely worth it. Exclaim your love to her as well as the whole world via skywriting. Additionally you can rent a plane with a banner saying “Will you Marry me?” flying all over the city.

7.       Nostalgia:
 Nostalgia Valentine’s Day Proposal Idea
Take your sweet heart to the place you met her for the first time or the spot that is close to your guys. Handover the engagement ring there and we bet you are going to see tears of joy rolling down her cheeks.

8.                          8.  Glow in the dark:
                       Glow in the dark Valentine’s Day Proposal Idea
     Decorate the room’s roof with the glowing material and surprise her the moment she turns       off the lights with a “I love you” note.
9.       A Marry-me T-shirt
 A Marry me T-Shirt Valentine’s Day Proposal Idea
This is one of the most pocket friendly and cutest proposals ever. Wear a T-shirt with “Marry Me” as alphabets engraved over it. Be hopeful and get another one written “YES” for her to wear.

10.   The perfect Cliché
The Perfect Valentine’s Day Proposal Idea  

Take her to the Eiffel tower or the Taj Mahal if in India and bend down on your knees for that perfect proposal. Yes, a bit cliché but with a 100% success rate, well there is got to be a reason for these places to be famous throughout the world. 

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