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Activities for Singles to do this Valentine’s Day

It is quite obvious to feel envious or a little frustrated, seeing the happy couples walking hand in hand in the streets all around you and being all on your own. Most of the single people prefer staying at their homes. However, even if you are brave enough to enter a restaurant during the Valentine’s week it is very much possible that you will feel uncomfortable encountering people making public display of affection. Nonetheless, there is no point getting upset for being single during the most loved time of the year as being on your own has its own perks. With a lot of positivity and a little creativity, you too can have fun equivalent to or even more than any happy couple around you.
·         Shopping
Calculate the amount of money you would have otherwise spent on dinner dates, exchanging gift, fancy outfits or makeup kits, if you would have been part of this Valentine’s fandom. Thankfully, you have now saved all these bucks and so it is high time to pamper yourself with this money and the best way is to go for a crazy shopping tour. Take the advantage of the season end sales and give a makeover to your wardrobe. You can take out your Single best friend too with you or even better go solo and satisfy the shopaholic in you.
·         Spa
A body or hair Spa, Manicure, Pedicure, Facial or any other beauty makeover is the best way to pamper yourself and relieve all your stress too. This is a great time for visiting the Salons as it is the Valentine’s week so you are likely to avail some offers and packages on services at the beauty Salons.
·         Hit the road
Hit the road
You probably won’t be staying single forever, so this could perhaps be your last Valentine’s Day wherein you are not bound to someone. So, use your freedom wisely and hit the road for that much awaited destination of yours that you always wished to go for.
Caution: Avoiding visiting a romantic getaway as you might encounter love birds there.
·         Satisfy your food cravings
Satisfy your food cravings
You do not have to sacrifice your favorite Cheese cake or Pizza in the fear of gaining some pounds and thus not being perfect for someone. Moreover, you do not have to order food according to your partner’s choice. You are now all on your own, so hop onto your favorite food shop and grab that delicious dish without being guilty about it. 
·         Celebrate with your Single friends
Celebrate with your Single friends
Well, you are not alone in this as there are a bunch of your other friends too, who have no one to lean on this Valentines season. So you can club them altogether and plan a sizzling party. BYOB is the best way to host a great party as you won’t be burning a hole in your pocket. 
·         Swipe Right
Swipe Right

Well if none of the above works out, then there is absolutely no need to worry. You are still young and energetic and so take out your phone and install a dating app and Swipe right. There are a lot of Single people outside and you never know you might end up meeting your Mr/Ms Right this season of love.


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